In an effort to keep our participants, staff members, and public in general safe, the NWWC has temporarily closed the residential treatment program for participants and our offices to the public. Our aim is to minimize the risk of possible transmission of the COVID-19 within the communities we serve and live in. As the Peace River District and Treaty 8 Territory continues to be impacted by the evolving of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NWWC wants to ensure doing its part to keep monitoring the situation closely and be prepared to respond to the changing nature of this pandemic.

We have partial business continuity in place that enables us to provide guidance & counsel by telephone, e-mail, and/or social media within the community. Please observe the following, call and leave us a message if we don’t answer immediately, we will call you back, in the event of not connecting with you, we’ll leave you a set time when we will call you again to talk with you. For Agonistic Opioid Therapy support, we encourage you to contact your local peer support for assistance. We are networking with the different local service providers such as Friendship Centres and Health Authorities to ensure you get the needed assistance.

As precautionary measures, it is recommended that each of us keep simple and effective practices in place such as self-isolation and practice social distancing; wash your hands thoroughly as needed; suspend non-critical in-person gatherings (functions, partying, socializing, etc.); avoid handshaking, hugging, food and beverage sharing; avoid close contact by maintaining approximately 2 meters distance from others if possible; and do not use communal towels, supplies, etc.

Should you have been exposed and be concerned that you may have COVID-19 symptoms such as sore throat, dry cough, fever, or breathing difficulties, please call 1-844-645-7811, the Northern Health COVID-19 Online Clinic and Information Line. They would assess you by telephone and provide you with guidelines on what your next step should be. Local Clinics are implementing new regulations as well as our Regional Hospital, please let us cooperate by observing them. We are together in this crisis and together we will overcome it with success!