At NWWC, I discovered my connection with the Creator and learnt a lot about my culture. I have become aware of my emotions, started to open my heart, and set healthy boundaries… certainly NWWC helped me in my healing journey on the Red Road.” Bryce, Farmington, BC.

I came to NWWC believing that I did not have a problem at all. My perspective of why I drank was brought to my attention. Now I have learned to address my emotions, allowing them to happen instead of pushing them away.” Cindy, New Aiyansh, BC.

My experience at the NWWC was life changing; I was given the tools to keep myself in the Red Road. Here I have contact with healthy people, get support to discuss any problems that may arise, and acquire the skills to deal with problems in a healthy manner without alcohol and drugs.” Connie, Fort Saint John, BC.