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Isaac Hernandez, Executive Director

Isaac Hernandez, Executive Director

Isaac Hernandez − NWHCS Executive Director, ICAS III, BRE PSYCH, BCom, MC, MDiv.
Isaac Hernandez is the current Executive Director of the North Wind Healing Centre in Dawson Creek, British Columbia,, from September 2003 to Present.
Mr. Hernandez was also keen in organizing and became the first president of the Indigenous Certification Board of Canada (ICBOC), from March 2005 to January 2010.

Isaac was born in El Salvador, Central America and is descendant of the Nahualt people. He obtained a Bachelor of Religious Education in Psychology and a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Administration in his homeland. Isaac immigrated into Canada in 1986 and continued his academic studies obtaining a Master Degree in Counselling and a Master of Divinity in Comparative Religion from Trinity Western University; in Langley, BC.

Isaac has been involved in the healing profession for over 30 years in various professional and volunteer assignments, e.g. Treatment Centre Director, Clinical Counsellor, Minister of Religion, University Assistant Professor, and Consultant. While performing these assignments he maintained a close connection with the Addictions Treatment/Recovery field. His expertise is in Spirituality, Counselling, Leadership and Management.

Isaac has served to and with Indigenous people in different parts of the world. In El Salvador with Pipils & Lencas, Honduras with Lencas & Miskitos, Guatemala with K'iche' (Quiché) & Kaqchikel, Mexico with Mayas & Aztecs, and Canada with Beavers, Crees, Black Foot & Dene. He has also interacted with Incas in South America, Mandaya Tribes in the Philippines, Tibetans in China, and has been a presenter for the Healing Our Spirit Worldwide Conference in Edmonton, Canada 2006; Honolulu, Hawaii, 2010 and Aotearoa, New Zealand, 2015.

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